Our Vision

The One-Stop-Source For Those Who Want To Achieve Their Vision

Our Mission

assisting our clients move from where they are now to where they want to be by helping them maximise their wealth, cash-flow, value, and work-life balance.

Our Values

Loyalty | Integrity | Team-Work | Commitment | Excellence

Our Story

Cashflow+Networks is a boutique Accounting firm focusing on small to medium sized business. We specialised in technology and strategies to utilise these technologies to automate and systemise your business so that you can work on the business rather in the business.

Founded in 2004 by Christopher Emmanuel while he was still a University student studying his Master degree in Professional Accounting. His journey in everything relating to numbers starts by working with his family back in his birth country, Indonesia, as the office accounting manager.

He has started several businesses and found his love for numbers when he was in the middle of building up his network marketing business. His mentor requested him to read a book, and he was glad that he did as his mentor told him too.

He first read the book of Robert Kiyosaki, Cashflow Quadrant, and Robert opened his mind about success and numbers. Only then he understood that numbers are everywhere. Your life is numbers, and everything in this life are numbers.

The quote, “You can manage what you don’t measure” is so true, and he embraces this to the heart. This is the message since then, with whoever he spoke. His passion for educating entrepreneurs ignited, and his personal vision crafted to “World’s prosperity through Entrepreneurship education.”

At Cashflow+Networks, we embrace technology and constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do business. We strongly believe that we should not advice our clients unless we have tried it and use it ourselves. We look for online solutions and implemented as part of our culture to provide our core services to ensure data integrity and peace of mind. We educate our clients of these findings and help them build more scalable businesses using the best cloud based technology for their given industry.

We have created structured packaged options to suit your regular business and investment needs, so we can provide real time advice anytime you need it. (Even better, you can change your service offering whenever suits you. We want to make sure you’re 100% happy with what you receive.)

Start your entrepreneurship, business and investment journey with us.